It’s definitely not for everyone. However, legalization is the first step to getting studies done on it, eventually leading to getting the info needed for the SDS.
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I’ve not completed researching the benefits of it yet. What I have seen, however, is credit card processing services and website hosting companies refusing to service salons that do sell CBD products. That concerns me.
Michele Baker
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We do CBD pedicures and manicures in my salon and people love it. They get results. But Facebook disabled my account because I was promoting my CBD pedicures and manicures.
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My shop just started using it for pedicures and manicures. The CBD pedi is the most expensive pedi and by far the most popular upgraded service.
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We need the Safety Data Sheet with a CBD product. I have a hard enough time collecting Safety Data Sheets from businesses with regular nail products. I have to do the research myself as part of the rules and regulations in my state. Not everyone voted for legalization. I’ve lost business from supporting the benefits of CBD. I guess I’ve been unfortunate to voice my opinion on legalization. It’s a touchy subject, just like politics and religion.
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My clientele has doubled since starting to use and educate about CBD. Millennials are setting up appointments for their elders to get pain management relief from the CBD pedicure as well as for themselves. I was told I needed surgery for my carpel tunnel and that I had to slow down working on doing nails, then I realized that using CBD on my clients took my pain away as well. So it benefits both my clients’ and my hands.
Suzan Yancura, Canna Leaf Nails, 
Woodbury, Minn.

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