Simply Pure Cosmetics’ new Gel-Off Express is a healthier, faster alternative to acetone. According to the manufacturer, a gallon of Gel-Off Express will yield a minimum of 2000 manicures per gallon, as opposed to acetone, which yields approximately 200 manicures per gallon. The healthy, non-toxic formula is produced from a unique blend of materials found in food additives which are safe to eat and safe for your skin, nails, and general health.

The remover comes in a gel formulation and does not require cotton, foil, or scraping. It stays where you place it, will not evaporate, and removes gel-polish within five minutes, while acetone can take up to 20 minutes. This reduced processing time has been proven to increase salon productivity and profitability, while providing a higher quality service to the health-conscious consumer. The product is available in at-home sizing and in gallon packaging for salon use only. The pump on the gallon container allows the technician to fill their day bottles with gelled remover for the day. Since it only takes approximately one gram of the product to remove gel-polish, it is the most effective means of providing bulk solvent.

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