KUPA’s long awaited keynote today revealed the MANIPro Passport Plus, the latest e-file from the brand. The machine was inspired by high-end luxury items such as designer perfume and a Montblanc pen. The new machine is digital, as opposed to analog.

The switch and dials now have LED displays and soft touch controls. Eight speed indicator bars represent RPMs. It starts out at 4,000 RPM to start and goes up to 30,000 RPM. The navigation ring allows for techs to control the settings. A super cool smart dock charges the Passport Plus. The smart dock shows on the front of the unit what used to only be visible on top, making life easier for the nail tech.

Other cool features include a dust protector and a holster. The holster design will keep the handpiece snug thanks to a metal ring in the holster to keep the bit from scratching. “Your relationship with your machine will be better and your life will be easier,” says KUPA president and CEO Richard Hurter.

Perhaps the most innovative feature is the Bluetooth capability of the Passport Plus. Simply pair the Smart Pedal to the Plus so you can move freely between pedicure area and table. “It’s nice to be fluid with the creative process,” says Hurter of the machine’s capability.

A fun feature of the machine is the DIY Color Customization with jackets that have an acetone finish. Techs can change out their Passport Plus colors and new patterns and finishes will debut over time. “You’ll be able to accessorize, just like anything else with your wardrobe,” says Hurter. Another way the machine can be accessorized is by clipping it to the waist. The belt clip attached to digital controller.

The new KUPA Power Cell battery takes only a few hours to charge. Another way this machine is making tech’s lives easier is the fact that they can replace the battery themselves. However, the machine can charge while being used, eliminating hiccups while working. KUPA teased that more will be done with the battery in the future, so stay tuned.

Passport Plus will also work with the KP-60 or KP-55 handpiece and in fact comes with the KP-60. Passport Plus boasts minimum to zero vibration, keeping nail techs working healthily.

For more information, visit www.kupainc.com or find KUPA at Premiere Orlando #2343.

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