Nail tech Ellegra Davis (@nailsbylegs) moved from Southern California to Chicago and has since operated out of two spaces in the Roscoe Village neighborhood. 

Her first space was called Jewels, A Nail Box, so the saying about nails being jewels not tools can be found throughout the salon.

Legs is definitely known for her nail artistry. She can do everything from trending designs to pop culture-themed artwork. 

In Chicago, gel-polish is known as no-chip, which is what Legs uses to do the bulk of her artwork.

Legs is located not in a salon suite, but a business suite. She is the only beauty business on a floor with other medical prfoessionals. She shares business cards of other local businesses and offers essential oils.

Legs gave me a sequin manicure over gel-polish.

The cute decor was picked up mostly from TJ Maxx and Home Goods. 

Legs loves anything prismatic and multicolored.

She wanted the space to feel like a home away from home, and I for one think she accomplished this. 

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