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Cute Unicorn Nail Art Tutorial

by NAILS Staff | August 7, 2019

Alecia Mounixay created this fun 3-D unicorn nail design using acrylic. 

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1. Melt together soft pastel colors in orange, teal, yellow, blue, and pink.


2. Add a large white bead of acrylic (on the drier side) to create the shape of the face. Add little ears by pressing the balls into a point.


3. Start creating the hair by dragging a ball on a nail form and working it until it forms a long piece. Be sure to pick it up before it hardens. Place the pieces side by side on the unicorn's head to mimic hair in the wind. 


4. Make two even balls of pink acrylic for the nostrils and use a dotting tool to press down the center of each. 


5. Add a ball of silver acrylic on top of the unicorn's head. Wait until it's almost hard and then flatten it downwards. Keep doing this with smaller balls, until you form a point. 


6. Add two little black dots for the eyes. You do not have to use polish on top, but if you would like to seal it, then a matte top coat is suggested. 



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