Nail Art Studio: Pretty as a Peacock
Nail Art Studio: Pretty as a Peacock

1. Apply a white base using gel-polish or hard gel and cure.

2. Using a turquoise color, make a dot. Use purple to make a line around the dot, then add a line of turquoise around that. Leave uncured.

3. Use a brush to pat the colors so they start thinning and blend them out into the shape of a feather. Cure after you get your desired look.

4. Draw a line through the bottom of the feather using a thin liner brush. Draw thin lines in a half-circle to create the effect of the thin peacock herls [barbs]. Add the small herls on the bottom. Cure, then apply top coat.

Kim Stoddard, Hotlines Beauty Supply, Roy, Utah @kimstoddardnails

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