Nail Design

Nail Art Studio: Fond of Fronds

by NAILS Staff | August 19, 2019

1. Apply one coat of Amore Prisma Elite in White and cure.

2. Use Amore Prisma Elite in Cartoon Blue, Pink Luau, Elite Yellow, and Elite Green and dot randomly around the nail.

3. Use a small amount of 99% alcohol to soften the edges of each color so they merge slightly together. Apply top coat and cure.

4. Use Amore Prisma Elite in Black to paint the leaves pointing toward the center of the nail, then cure.

Hayley McBride, Nailz by Hailz, Lacombe, Alberta, Canada @nailzbyhailz

Fall Nail Color Preview

Nail Design

Fall Nail Color Preview

by Staff

See the upcoming polish, gel-polish, gel, and powder colors! From warm browns and nudes to rich reds, oranges, and blues, this year’s color collections bring comfort and a touch of holiday glam as cool weather takes over.


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