1. Create an ombre using Light Elegance Dragon’s Breath and She’s a Copper Catch. Cure.

2. Dip just the tip of the bristles of an ombre brush into Light Elegance Female and Fabulous ButterCream and paint along the four edges of the nails, then repeat with Tell-Tale Heart ButterCream. Clean the ombre brush after each color and dry brush the colors in horizontal and vertical wispy lines. Cure.

3. Repeat previous step with Light Elegance Real Red ButterCream as the accent color. Add bold lines of each color used to add depth to the design and cure. Apply Light Elegance Super Shiny top coat (or Flat Matte top coat for a more neutral look) and cure.

Hope Jung, Waukesha, Wis. @glittersandpolishes

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