Jazz Up Your Fall Nail Photography

by Holly Schippers | September 16, 2019
Fall flowers make a great background for nail photos. 
 - Holly Schippers

Fall flowers make a great background for nail photos. 

Holly Schippers

Fall is coming like it or not, and that means fall flowers are in bloom. Jazz up your nail photos by simply using some fall flowers. Mums are an inexpensive outdoor flower that you can keep near the door to the salon to dress it up a little. Natural light photographs best, and the flowers make a great backdrop. Can’t have your phone at your desk? Make a contest out of it! Have your clients take a picture as they leave or show off their own fall flowers and tag you! If they post a great photo of their nails with their fall flowers, tag your social account (either IG or FB), use your hashtag, and get at least 25 likes, you will upgrade the design work at their next appointment.  Maybe you want to gather all the photos and let the salon fans “like” a winner based on photography. Use your imagination to create a challenge or contest and have some fun with the season.

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