CBD products have become popular as a natural way to relieve pain, increase wellness, and promote relaxation. These products have many health benefits and are ideal for a salon or spa setting, but it’s important to understand the product before you begin offering it in your salon.

What is CBD? Does it get you high?

Although CBD is a compound that is found in cannabis, it does not contain the THC compounds that will get you high. The CBD oil used in commercial products is derived from hemp, a type of cannabis that contains only trace amounts of THC. Only CBD oil derived from hemp is legal to distribute nationally, and this is the ingredient used in commercial CBD oil-infused products.

What benefits does CBD provide?

CBD can provide many benefits that clients will love. It has stress-reducing, pain-relieving, and moisturizing properties and can assist in reducing inflammation and minor aches and pains. Many people have reported that it improves mood and can help with both short-term and chronic pain. Full spectrum CBD will give the greatest benefits. CBD also works well when combined with other beneficial ingredients, such as vitamins and essential oils. For example, in addition to full spectrum CBD, LeChat Spa’s CBD foot balm features vitamins C and E, aloe vera, and a blend of essential oils to reduce inflammation, promote healing, and rejuvenate skin. It also contains lidocaine, offering additional pain relief for footsore clients. The brand also offers CBD cuticle oil, which hydrates and protects nails and skin.

Why should you add it to your salon offerings?

Offering CBD services is a great way to help set your salon apart. It’s a new, on-trend element to add to services, and clients will be keen to try it out. Many clients complain of sore muscles, inflamed joints, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, and other aches and pains. Stepping in to help relieve their pain is a surefire way to gain a loyal client. CBD products make a perfect addition to the massage portion of the service and can also be a great item to retail because these products are still relatively uncommon in ordinary stores. Once they experience the health benefits of CBD, clients will want to continue using the products, and home use is often suggested — LeChat recommends regular use of its CBD Spa products to promote maximum health and hydration of the skin.

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