1. For a base, apply two coats of OPI Liquid Sand in It’s All San Andreas Fault. Build upper portion of the 3-D Pilgrim hat with GDCOCO black modeling gel and pat out. (You can also use acrylic.) 

2. Build the brim of the hat in a trapezoid-like shape with black modeling gel and pat out. 

3. Add the brim of the hat and smooth it into the trapezoid shape to make the whole hat. (I prefer to work with the gel as dry as possible first; that way once it’s in place I can smooth it out with a touch of alcohol on my brush.) 

4. Use a striping brush to add the white belt and gold buckle details. Apply Seche Vite top coat to the hat only, so that you keep all the texture of the base. 

Brenley Honeycutt, Top Nails and Spa, Erwin, Tenn. @brenleyhoneycu2

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