NAILS 2019 Readers' Choice Results
NAILS 2019 Readers' Choice Results


You’ve cast your ballots and we’ve tallied the results. Now — drumroll please — we’re proud to announce the winners of our 2019 NAILS Readers’ Choice Awards. See what others in the industry are preferring and purchasing in 32 product categories. Are any of your faves on the list?

And take a look at the 20 innovative new items you selected in the Favorite New Product category, which were released on or before August 1, 2019. 

Favorite AcrylicTraditional System
1. Young Nails Acrylic System
2. CND Retention+ Sculpting Liquid & Powder
3. NSI Attraction Acrylic System
4. Light Elegance APEX Acrylic System
5. Entity Nail Sculpting Liquid & Powder

Favorite Acrylic Color System
1. Young Nails Colored Acrylic
2. CND Perfect Color Powder Collection
3. EzFlow Boogie Nights Glitter Acrylics
4. NSI Simplicité Colour Powders
5. KUPA Triptych Colored Acrylic

Favorite Base Coat 
1. Gelish Foundation
2. CND Shellac Base Coat
3. OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
4. ORLY Bonder
5. Light Elegance Tack UV/LED Bonding Agent


Favorite Brush (For Enhancements)
1. Light Elegance Gel Polish Bling Brush
2. CND ProSeries Enhancement Brushes
3. Gelish #6 Gel Brush
4. Young Nails Finesse Brush Series
5. Wildflowers Black COMBO Tool


Favorite Cuticle Treatment
1. Famous Names Dadi’Oil Nail & Skin Treatment Oil
2. CND SolarOil
3. Morgan Taylor Remedy
4. Young Nails Rose Oil
5. Gelish Nourish (tie)
5. ORLY Cuticle Therapy Crème (tie)


Favorite Dip System
1. Gelish Dip
2. Young Nails SlickPour
3. KUPA DipFinity
4. OPI Powder Perfection
5. Artistic Nail Design Perfect Dip


Favorite Disinfection Products (For Implements)
1. KUPA Ultra Sonic Disinfector
2. OPI NAS99
3. Virox Rejuvenate Disinfection Prevention HLD8
4. BlueCo Brands Barbicide
5. La Palm Spa Disinfectant One Step Cleaner


Favorite Electric File
1. KUPA MANIPro Passport
2. Gelish Go File
3. Young Nails YN-100 Electric File
4. Medicool Pro Power 35K Portable Rechargeable Filing System
5. Light Elegance Zippy eFile


Favorite File
1. Hand & Nail Harmony 240/240 File
2. CND Kanga File
3. Young Nails 150 Zebra File
4. Light Elegance Perfect File
5. OPI Edge White 240 File


Favorite Gel-Polish (UV/LED Cured Polish)
1. CND Shellac
2. Gelish Soak-Off Gel-Polish
3. OPI GelColor
4. Young Nails Mani Q


Favorite Gel Enhancement System (Hard Gel)
1. CND Brisa Gel System
2. Gelish Hard Gel
3. Light Elegance Lexy Line Hard Gels
4. Young Nails Synergy Gel
5. IBD LED/UV Clear Builder Gel

Favorite Gel-Acrylic Hybrid
1. Gelish PolyGel  

2. IBD Control Gel
3. Tammy Taylor SCULPT
4. Artistic Nail Design Putty
5. Wildflowers Sculpting Paste


Favorite Implement or Tool
1. Wildflowers SCRUBBY Brush
2. Young Nails Magic Wand
3. Gelish PolyTool
4. Tweezerman Cobalt Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper
5. OPI Titanium Tooling Collection


Favorite LED/Curing Lamp
1. Gelish 18G Plus Comfort Cure
2. CND LED Lamp
3. Young Nails Universal Cure Light
4. Light Elegance LEDdot Dual Wavelength Curing
5. OPI Dual Cure LED Light


Favorite Long-Lasting Polish (No Lamp Required)
1. CND Vinylux
2. OPI Infinite Shine
3. Essie Gel Couture
4. Young Nails Caption Polish
5. Artistic Nail Design Colour Revolution


Favorite Traditional Polish
1. OPI Nail Lacquer
2. Morgan Taylor Lacquer
3. China Glaze Nail Lacquer
4. Essie Nail Polish
5. Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer


Favorite Lotion for Hands or Body
1. CND Scentsations
2. Famous Names Luxury Dadi’ Lotion
3. Cuccio Vanilla Bean & Sugar Butter
4. Hempz ProSpa Hand Nail & Cuticle Cream
5. LCN Anti Age Hand Cream 


Favorite Manicure Product or System
1. CND Spa
2. Cuccio Naturalé
3. OPI ProSpa
4. LCN Anti Age System
5. Voesh New York Mani in a Box Waterless 3 Step


Favorite Nail Art Supplies
1. Wildflowers Loaded Brush Case
2. Light Elegance Celina Ryden Signature Series Art Brush Kit
3. Young Nails Caption Art Screens
4. Gelish Mini Marbling Striper Brush
5. Akzentz Gel Play (tie)
5. Gel II Stamping Kit (tie)


Favorite Nail Art Appliques and Embellishments
1. Swarovski Crystalpixie

2. Light Elegance Glitter Gel
3. Young Nails Foil Freaks Kit
4. NSI Secrets Sparkles Glitter
5. China Glaze Stripe ‘Em Striping Tape


Favorite Art Additive, Chrome, or Holo
1. Wildflowers Powdered Sugar Collection
2. OPI Chrome Effects 
3. Young Nails Liquid Art
4. Light Elegance Premium Pretties Pigments
5. EzFlow Chrome Effects Pigment (tie)
5. Tammy Taylor Lazer Dust (tie)


Favorite Nail Prep Products
1. Young Nails Protein Bond
2. CND ScrubFresh Nail Surface Cleanser
3. Famous Names Cinnatize
4. Gelish pH Bond
5. OPI BondAid


Favorite Pedicure Equipment
1. Footsiebath Footsiebath
2. Belava Element Pedicure Spa Chair
3. Daylight Slimline Floor Lamp
4. KUPA Pedicure Diamond Bit
5. Whale Spa Crane Pedicure Chair


Favorite Pedicure Product or System
1. Footlogix Callus Softener

2. CND Marine SpaPedicure
3. LCN Urea Foot Care
4. Morgan Taylor BareLuxury
5. La Palm Volcano Spa


Favorite Pedicure Tool
1. Footlogix Excavator with Round Edge and Blacks File

2. OPI Dual Sided Foot File with Disposable Grit Strips
3. Flowery Foot File
4. Cuccio Pedicure Stainless Steel File
5. AngelFeet Foot File (tie)
5. Mehaz Pro Angled Wide Jaw Toenail Clipper (tie)


Favorite Polish-Drying Product
1. CND SolarSpeed Spray Quick Dry Spray
2.. OPI Drip Dry
3. Morgan Taylor Accelerate Dry Drops
4.Caption Drying Drops
5. Nail Tek 10 Speed


Favorite Strengthener or Treatment
1. Famous Names IBX Natural Nail Strengthening System
2. CND RescueRxx Daily Keratin Treatment
3. OPI Nail Envy
4. Nail Tek Intensive Therapy 2
5. Morgan Taylor Daily Elixir


Favorite Tips
1. CND Velocity Tips
2. Young Nails Style Tips
3. Light Elegance Natural Cylinder Tip Kit
4. NSI Tech-Tip Almond
5. ProHesion Perfetto Tips


Favorite Top Coat
1. CND Shellac Duraforce Top Coat

2. Wildflowers Metallic Topcoat
3. Akzentz Shine-On
4. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
5. Gelish Top It Off


Favorite Ventilation System
 1. Aerovex “The One That Works” Salon Air Purifier
 2. Valentino Beauty Pure
 3. Nail Superstore ProTool Nail Dust Collector
 4. Mia Secret Nail Dust Vacuum
 5. Americanails Breathe Easy


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