1. Apply CND Shellac Cream Puff over the entire nail. Cure. Wipe the bottle’s applicator brush on the side and let it drain until almost dry. Paint Shellac Azure Wish and Mint Convertible in random areas. Cure. Polish the entire nail with Shellac Moonlight & Roses. Cure.

2. Paint the shape of an octopus in Shellac Satin Pajamas using a dotting tool and a thin striper brush. Cure.

3. Add rose gold glitter detailing to the octopus to create dimension. Paint the eye using a dotting tool and striper brush with Shellac Cream Puff and Black Pool. Flash cure details to lock the design in place.

4. Finish by embellishing the design with Swarovski CrystalPixie, making 3-D tentacles and bubbles. Apply top coat over the entire nail and cure.

Kaitlin Jeanette Smith, Kaitlin’s Designer Nail Spa, Garrettsville, Ohio @kaitlinsdesignernailspa

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