BlueCo Brands, also known as King Research Inc., is a classic collection of many iconic vintage beauty and barber brands like BARBICIDE, Lucky Tiger, Triple Lanolin, CLIPPERCIDE, Ship Shape and Dy-Zoff.

BARBICIDE, the company’s largest brand and a leader in its category, was launched in 1947 in New York and has represented the industry standard for safe services in salons and barbershops for more than half a century. Professionals have used the vibrant blue BARBICIDE to protect themselves and their clients over the years.

As a partner in the beauty industry, Barbicide is committed to educating beauty industry professionals to ensure they are providing a safe service. They offer free certification after completion of a free course, with a printable certificate to display in your salon space. 

Completing this free course takes less than an hour earning you a portfolio-ready certificate showing your dedication to infection control in salons, spas, and barbershops. After you pass the course, you will have the option to instantly print your portfolio-ready certificate with your name on it.


"BARBICIDE® kills the Human Coronavirus, " explains the President of King Research, the makers of BARBICIDE, Alan Murphy. "Third-party independent labs have completed the test and these lab reports can be seen here. We have received documentation from the EPA that BARBICIDE® is approved for efficacy against Human Coronavirus, including COVID-19. While no company has been able to receive actual COVID-19 samples and put them through the rigorous testing required, the EPA considers efficacy against Human Coronavirus to include COVID-19."

MORE INFORMATION can be found here: https://barbicide.com/covid-19/




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Originally posted on Modern Salon