Business Management

What Type of Boss Are You?

Take this self-quiz to determine your strengths as a manager. The insights you glean may help you use your valuable personal resources more wisely and develop a better understanding of others.

 Have you ever noticed you naturally gravitate toward certain people and work well with others who have certain traits? Even before Hippocrates pondered the “four humours” back in ancient Greece, people were trying to predict everything from medical maladies to learning style by sorting us by temperament or trait. Some corporations even develop tests that attempt to match the right person with the right job. Much research has gone into determining these “indicators.” Psychological trendsetters Myers and Briggs are two of the most mentioned names in this area, but there are others. You may or may not have heard of them, but one thing is clear — they know a lot about what makes you tick.

Take the following self-quiz to see what type of management personality-style you have. It’s just for fun but it is loosely based on the four long-held temperaments. Let it lend some insight into how you see the world and how the world sees you.

Circle only one answer for each. There are no wrong answers. Choose the one you are most drawn to, which is often your first impulse.

 1. Which of the following is most important to you?

a. To be able to take action

b. To be part of a respected institution

c. To be fully competent

d. To have a unique identity

2. Which of the following causes you distress?

a. Having to follow someone else’s routine

b. Things being in disarray

c. The incompetence of others

d. Managing guilt

3. You are choosing fabrics for the salon, you…

a. Must see and touch all of the new fabrics to see how they feel.

b. Must determine if fabrics are within budget.

c. Must determine if fabrics are appropriate for intended use.

d. Must look at fabrics to see how they make you feel.

4. Staff meetings should…

a. Be entertaining and filled with visual aids.

b. Start and finish on time.

c. Be productive.

d. Encourage individual success.

5. You have heard about a new salon treatment…

a. You immediately call the company to order products.

b. You are interested to get the step-by-step instructions, but already have a full menu of services.

c. You are interested to see how effective the treatment is.

d. You move to get several opinions about the treatment.

6. You consider it to be the highest compliment to be commended on…

a. Your flexibility

b. Timeliness

c. Effectiveness

d. Compassion

7. As the boss, the word that describes your role is…

a. Director

b. Leader

c. Manager

d. Facilitator

8. It’s a special occasion and you must get a gift for everyone in the salon…

a. You are not likely to plan what to get but rather buy what seems fitting on impulse and are most comfortable not being tied to a specific budget.

b. You are likely to feel comfortable working within a budget and choose a single item that is fitting for everyone, such as an appointment book.

c. Your thirst for knowledge has led you to many useful gadgets and you are likely to pick a gift that will help staff in their work-life, such as a high tech nail brush.

d. You prize personal gifts and tend toward things that show the person’s individuality. You have the perfect thing in mind.

9. You are preparing to facilitate a staff training…

a. You treat it like an adventure for the group and make it as entertaining as possible.

b. You carefully outline the planned events and a timeline so that everyone is well prepared.

c. You create a package with the background information so the staff members have the knowledge to make the event productive.

d. You send out a memo or talk with individuals prior to planning so that you can get an idea of individual expectations.

10. Which do you consider your most positive traits?

a. You are realistic and can tackle risk.

b. You are dependable and have something to contribute.

c. You conceptualize and are good at analysis.

d. You are empathetic and see possibilities.

If you answered:

Mostly A’s, you are a Fearless Risk-Taker.  Your entertaining and wildly creative style delights the people around you. Your spontaneous nature may make paperwork a chore. Feel free to delegate mundane tasks to a trusted member of your staff and use that huge well of energy to troubleshoot other areas of your business.

Mostly B’s, you are a Careful, By-the-Book boss.  Your careful establishment of routines keeps the salon moving forward. Staff members look to you as the keeper of revered traditions like the annual company BBQ. Be open to adjustments in the useful systems and routines you have created, to maximize stability.

Mostly C’s, you are a Visionary. Your volumes of technical know-how encourage you to continually raise the bar. Overall competency is expected. Give your staff time to absorb new concepts before moving on and you will be well rewarded for your effort.

Mostly D’s, you are a Cheerleader.  Your nurturing and supportive style creates the feeling that the salon is one big happy family. You prefer to compliment, but know that constructive criticism can help everyone grow.


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