I Totally Forgot …

… what it was I was going to talk about. I hate when that happens! Earlier today I knew exactly what I was going to rant about and now I've gone and become all distracted!


First, by the Minxing. Since the turkey dream, I have ordered up something like 60 sheets of Minx designs. For those of you Minxing, you realize this represents a significant investment. Nevertheless, I did it. I just held my nose and jumped in.


Of course, that left me sitting at my desk (with too much stuff on it) a few weeks ago staring at 60 sheets of Minx, trying to decide what do with them.


For one thing, I have no patience with directions. My uncle Rex used to have an old-fashioned conniption fit every Christmas as I proceeded to assemble new toys without so much as checking to see if directions were included. However, I had watched the instructional video online before purchasing my Minx, so I at least went into it with some understanding of the concept.


Of course, I didn't want to start off with the fanciest of Minx sheets; I didn't want to waste or ruin my precious Minx. However, I was not very excited about practicing with the clear nail armor first, either.


Mind you, I am also in the process of re-inventing the Juliette wrap. I have poured over every resource I have available to me trying to find explicit instructions for doing this old-school service and hoping to find someone who can assist me with relevant, real-world wisdom. To no avail. Perhaps you can begin to see why I often forego any attempt to read or follow directions. I usually end up having to make it up as I go along anyway.


So, do I want to play with my Minx? Or do I want to figure out Juliettes? Or — now that my smashed nail has grown out — do I want to put on a beautiful new set of acrylics and try my hand at selling those wicked cool "edge" nails?


I started with the wraps. I did one hand, decided I had a good grasp on the technique and proceeded to wear them for a week before I declared myself a master and moved on to the Minx project.


I started with the clear armor. I was again — and as I often am — impressed with my obvious superiority over all beings. Then I jacked up my pinkie by forgetting that the Minx adhesive softens when warm. Since I take showers that are only two degrees shy of boiling lava, this meant that I managed to pull up and wrinkle a Minx. Once you have wrinkled a Minx, you can't unwrinkle it. So after playing with the rough edge the wrinkle created all day, I proceeded to pull it off.


Don't do this. If you are going to take off your Minx, make sure you warm it up first. Those things are STUCK DOWN!


So I took them off and redid them again. I got bored with the clear armor and, once again declaring myself a master, proceeded to Minx my own nails in glorious chrome. Four days later I was reminded that I am not very good at taking off my clients' polish without messing up my own. Three of my chrome Minx were pretty much gone where I had managed to hold an acetone-soaked cotton pad against them.


Now my nails are naked again. I continue to toy with the notion of edge nails, but I am very proud of my natural nails at the moment, so I'm probably going to Minx 'em again.


I simply can't be expected to concentrate on edgy industry commentary when my nails are so shiny!


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