Cuccio Naturalé was founded in 1999 by Tony Cuccio, president and CEO, and his wife Roberta Cuccio, senior vice president, COO of sister brand Star Nail International. The entrepreneurial couple built their business out of a suitcase of cosmetics in 1981 on Venice Beach, California. The business has grown into a multimillion dollar global corporation.

Cuccio Naturalé is a natural nail, hand, and foot care treatment product line. It was created from Tony Cuccio’s personal experience, his Italian background and visits to Italy.

Today, Cuccio Naturalé is used in top spas and salons throughout the world. Along with running the business, Tony Cuccio travels the world giving seminars to help spas and salons increase their business and enhance their lives. The couple together run the day to day operations of the business with the help of a very accomplished team.

Cuccio Naturalé products are never tested on animals.