Nail tech Debbie Doerrlamm (aka wickedwitch) founded the nail industry's first online community forum,, in 1995. She soon expanded BeautyTech to include hair, skin care, and tanning professionals. It grew over the years to include technical and business advice, networking opportunities, a class and trade show calendar, quizzes, articles, and more. The NailTech Connect Forum provided a platform for nail techs to share advice and troubleshoot problems.

In 2002, Doerrlamm launched, a site directed at educating consumers on what to expect from salon service and addressing concerns about MMA, sanitation, and other issues. The site also contained a place to ask questions and file complaints, and eventually included a salon locator.

Doerrlamm also brought nail techs together in person, through events such as the NailTech Network Orlando Social. She died of lung cancer in June 2017.

You can read more about the BeautyTech websites in the encylopedia entry here.