Galaxy was founded by Kym Lee, considered by most to be the #1 Nail Professional in the USA and many parts of the world.  Kym has won more Nail Competitions than any single individual in a shorter period of time. Kym has done competition training for numerous up and coming Nail Competitors, all who have gone on to take winning positions.

Galaxy Nail Products is a manufacturer of superior quality salon nail products and supplies, manufactured and distributed Globally with dedication to the working Nail Professional since 1988.  Our success is founded on your success.  Our goal is to  provide you with the best working tools and knowledge in the industry.

Galaxy Nail Products was the first Professional Nail Company to invent and bring to market the unique "No Bubbles" formulas in our products. The development of these products have helped make the Nail Professionals job and clients much happier and satisfied. Galaxy uses select ingredients and the latest technology to bring you a complete line of superior products. Galaxy's Fast Set System is the foundation on which our company was built. Galaxy Nail Products developed the Kym Lee System which has also been a fabulous award winning system.  When these system's are combined with Kym Lee's proven award winning acrylic techniques they will give you unrivalled results and quality.