When J&A USA Inc. opened its door for business in 1996 with pedicure spa models “Empress” and “Juliette”, the company began its business with commitment to manufacturing quality pedicure spas combined synergistically with quality after-sales technical support.

Today, J&A USA Inc. has expanded its market to serve clients throughout North America with international communities such as Europe, Asia and Africa.

J&A USA, Inc. has adopted “sealess” whirlpool system from Sanijet which eliminates pipes, the possible breeding ground for bacteria and other micro-organisms.  The Environmental Testing Organization NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) has certified that the Sanijet “Sealess” Whirlpool system meets the requirements of the NSF protocol, therefore offering the best hygienic control.  In addition, pedicure spas manufactured by J&A USA Inc. are tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratory for safety.