Can you imagine working in a hair or nail salon (or barbershop for that matter) and not disinfecting your combs, brushes, and nail implements in that famous blue liquid? More than half a century ago there were virtually no rules requiring barbershops or beauty salons to use a commercial disinfectant to disinfect tools that came in contact with clients’ skin, hair, or nails. Maurice King, founder of King Research, traveled the country urging state health authorities to make disinfection law and invented Barbicide, which became the prescribed disinfectant/sanitizer of state boards throughout the country. Ultimately the name Barbicide became so familiar to salon professionals that many don’t even realize it is a trademarked brand name manufactured by King Research.

Since that time (the company began in 1947), King Research, under the leadership of Maurice’s son Ben, has been the leading manufacturer of salon sanitation products for hairstylists, beauticians, nail salons, pedicure salons, and the barbering and cosmetology industry. Superior customer service and quality of its manufacturing have been at the heart of the organization’s mission.

King Research is the trusted name in the salon business. The company focuses on assuring that its disinfectant products remain on the cutting edge, meeting the stringent requirements of the industry. A pioneer with Barbicide, Barbicide Plus, Clippercide, Brush Delite and Ship-Shape, King Research now offers a range of skin and hair care and toiletry items to the profession, notably Dy-Zoff Lotion and Pads, Love & Kisses Protective Cream, and King Talc.

Sold to Blueco Brands in 2006.