Nail technician Heidi Miller and her husband Wayne saw a need early on for a pedicure line that could be used safely in whirlpool spas. Their Pedi Redi line has answered that need.

In 1995, Wayne and Heidi Miller saw an opportunity: The salon pedicure business was growing and a demand emerged for high-quality, specialty products for use in whirlpool spas. Because she was a nail technician, Heidi  understood the need for the product from personal experience.

The couple established Maxim LLC and developed the Pedi Redi line. Pedi Redi Plus pedicure soak was the industry’s first granular product designed specifically for these spas, but more importantly Pedi Redi is an “all-in-one” product. It sanitizes and softens skin and cuticles, and its formulation prevents foaming over (a feature that is critical for whirlpool spas). Besides its functional qualities, Pedi Redi comes in fabulous colors and fragrances, which delight not only the client but the pedicurist herself.

With the success of Pedi Redi, Maxim expanded with Satin-ize, the first effervescent tablet for water manicures that also sanitizes. The line was completed with a unique masque/scrub and skin protectant lotion. The entire line is completely safe for use in all whirlpool pedicure spa equipment. And, because they know feet, Maxim knew that a unique foot-filing product was needed, and their answer is the Ultimate Filing Object (UFO).

Maxim is committed to the professional salon industry and will continue to produce high-quality products that perform to complete satisfaction. Improvements to both current and new innovated products are in the works at Maxim. The goal is to create products that work and therefore improve the level of service for the technicians. Maxim sees the future of the nail industry having greater focus on environmental and regulatory requirements bringing about changes that will have a positive affect on today’s level of services.