Danielle Costantino:

Here are some images of some of my Libertine-inspired art work. I am using lots of color, but in a harmonious way. I'm also using lots of non nail materials. I'm using lots of beading and newspaper print. I also am including block printed lettering, as well as a chihuahua sugar skull. I'm using the news print and handmade rubber stamp to tie in Dadaism. The sugar skulls and bling represent Damian Hierst inspiration.

Danielle's video report on Libertine.

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Lexi Martone:

For the geometric nails I am using Delaunay's paintings as inspiration. I'm taking common shapes and colors she uses throughout her work. 

The "Libertine" nails are inspired by the Dada movement. The Dada movement is mainly based in typography and different text collages. I'm painting different letter cutouts to resemble a collage of magazine cutouts. I was also contemplating creating the letter cutouts in 3-D or doing a compilation of both 3-D and painted. 

The next set I'm making is inspired by Dali's Persistence of Memory. I'm using melting skulls and eyeball clocks. Skulls and eyes are both reoccurring objects in Libertine's clothing as well as surrealist works. 

The 4th set is different versions of Johnson Hartig's face. Surrealist artists create a lot of altered faces and portraits. There's a face inside of lips, top hats, an eyeball apple covering his face to mimic "The Son of Man" and a removable face on a hinge. 

I haven't figured out the last set yet but Im building more ideas as I'm working. 

I like the idea of tree branches wrapping around the nail that are fingers with nails on them but I need to develop the rest of the set.

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Lavette Cephus:

Bold. Energetic. Fun!

These words describe not only my journey during this competition but also my final collection! Just like the Libertine line, I set out to take the classics and make them my own. My collection name is “Liberated Reality”.

Looking at the artists that inspired Libertine’s newest collection, one theme that caught my interest were prisms. I plan to sculpt prisms and use them throughout my collection to make bold statements as they protrude from detailed, hand-painted nail art. One of my goals is to take “ordinary” geometric shapes, and “ordinary” colors and use them in a way that is fresh, fun, and energetic!

I want to take the essence of Libertine’s creativity and interpret it into my collection of nails. I was inspired by Johnson Hartig’s “deconstructed classics.” I want to take images, shapes, and ideals that my audience readily identifies with and use them to create nail art that will challenge their creative perspectives. I was really drawn to Salvador Dali and Sonia Delaunay, and will use both as my muses for these pieces.

Creating unique nail art helps me to release energy in a way that is both beautiful and fun. When people see my collection, I want them to be as inspired as I was while creating it. Sometimes I suppress my creativity at the risk of it being scrutinized by others, but I’ve learned you must liberate yourself from fear and GO BOLD OR GO HOME! That is why I will call my collection.

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These first few pictures show how I want to incorporate LED LIGHTS effectively where than will actually be able to be worn on a nail for a run way show I figured out a way to hide a very tiny battery and incorporate as much light as I want and an on and off switch. These are just test nails.