Please read this page before you begin your application.

It will help make the process easier. After looking over the application, we recommend you prepare all of your materials to upload BEFORE you begin actually filling out the application.

5-10 Photos
Video (3-4 minute)

In addition to basic contact information, we’re going to want links to all of your social media pages, 10 high-res photos of your best nail art, a high-res headshot of yourself, and the following:

  1. Essay question (approx.. 350 words): What makes you passionate about nail artistry?
  2. Essay question (approx.. 350 words): If you win NTNA what would you want to accomplish?
  3. Video diary question (3-4 minute video of yourself telling us): Why are you NAILS Next Top Nail Artist?

Gather your 10 nail art photos, create and upload your video diary to YouTube, and figure out your answers to the two essay questions in advance. (There is no autosave feature on the application and we don’t want you to lose any of your uploaded information if the form times out.) Once you have all of your materials ready, go ahead and click here to begin filling out your application.

Tips for best videos

  1. If you are using a smartphone to shoot your video, flip it 90° and shoot the video horizontally — NOT vertically. Think of the horizontal nature of videos on YouTube. Also, use the main camera on the phone — NOT the one on the screen side.
  2. Do some test shots and watch them back before you begin. Can you hear yourself clearly? Is the shot steady and zoomed in appropriately? Is it well-lit? Is it horizontal?
  3. Lighting is important. The more light, the better. In order to avoid shadows, glare, and reflection shine the light at a 45-degree angle from the camera. You can use the sunlight trick here, too.
  4. Audio is also important. Speak clearly and not too quickly, avoid noisy environments, and speak loudly.
  5. Have fun! This is nail art after all. Smile while talking to add energy to your voice.
  6. In order to avoid copyright infringement, please don’t use any music with copyrights in your videos.
  7. Use a tripod or another method to steady the camera. This will help you avoid excessive shaking.