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Angela Thorson: Nail Tech, Salon Owner and Stand-Up Comic

Meet nail tech an stand-up Angela Thorson. Despite meeting some challenging experiences along life’s journey, Angela continues to look on the bright side and keeps her community — and often her clients — laughing as well.

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Get to Know Beautician List Founder Dasha Minina

The CEO and founder of online and mobile platform Beautician List, nail tech Dasha Minina wants to raise the standard of professionalism in our industry.

South African Salon Provides Services for Unique Community

Salon owner Precious Sikhonde of Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa, has always had a passion for the beauty industry. She ran a salon franchise before branching out on her own to open her salon, The Stain Bar, in 2017.

My Other Life: Michelle Martin, Product Performance Evaluator

Michelle Martin is not only a nail tech of 28 years, but also a product performance evaluator for L'Oréal, where she puts her nail professional prowess to the test.

Wedding Nails Are Ringing: See Nail Techs' Bridal Nails

Nail techs often create beautiful nails for their clients’ weddings, but we wanted to see the nails they wore when they said their own vows. 

Nail Tech-Turned-Entrepreneur Invents the Car Seat Key

Former nail tech Kristin Riley invented the Car Seat Key after seeing her clients struggle to manage a car seat with long nails.

Kentucky Salon Owner Helps Change State Laws for Alcohol in the Salon

When salon owner Jill Higginbotham learned that providing complimentary alcohol at the salon wasn’t allowed under Kentucky law, she immediately set out to change the law.

Nail Scholarship Winner Makes Advanced Education Count

Since receiving a Beauty Changes Lives CND Advanced Scholarship in 2017, Little Rock, Ark.-based nail tech Kim Forga-Yarbrough has seen her career blossom.

Nail Salon’s Charity Helps Single Mothers Find Success

After becoming a salon owner, Delane Sims wanted to help others succeed too, so in 1999 she began inviting struggling mothers to work at her salon and assisting them with their needs.

What is Your Opinion on Sharing Information with Other Nail Techs?

We ask a salon owner, a booth renter, and an employee about what they choose to divulge to their fellow nail techs--and what tricks they keep hidden up their sleeves.