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5 Mistakes to Avoid to Make More Money as a Nail Tech

Paola Ponce advises avoiding these mistakes to maximize your business.

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Young Nails Top Piece of Advice for Nail Beginners

Young Nails' Habib Salo and Young Nails senior mentor Rhiannon Miles discuss advice for nail beginners.

Young Nails Biz Talk: Modern Nail Artist Success Story

Young Nails' Habib Salo and Tracey Reierson interview Stephanie Fountain about her successful nail art business.

Young Nails Nail School: Three Essential Nail Tips for Beginners

Young Nails' Greg Salo demonstrates three tips to help you increase your speed and stability during nail applications. Do you want to work smarter, not harder? Download our ebook about how to speed up your nail services. Download Our eBook

Young Nails Nail Talk: Is Hard Work Enough?

Young Nails' Habib Salo and Tracey Reierson discuss how hard work is just a piece of the puzzle to become successful.

Young Nails Biz Talk: The Reason Nail Techs Fail

Young Nails' Habib Salo and Tracey Reierson discuss how to avoid common mistakes so you stick around in the nail business.

Young Nails Biz Talk: Why Mistakes Are Awesome

Young Nails' Habib Salo and Tracey Reierson discuss how to deal with mistakes and embrace them as part of the learning process.

My First Year: Cosmetology vs. College

Kelly Wilson reflects on her choice to forgo formal education and become a licensed nail tech.

My First Year: Deciding When to Leave a Salon

New nail tech Kelly Wilson talks about making the difficult decision to leave her first salon position.

My First Year: First-Time Customer Jitters

Kelly Wilson talks about how to conquer self-doubt when beginning to take clients.