Shifting Gears: Switching Between Acrylic and Gel Services

  Alternating between gel and acrylic services during your busy workday requires refocusing your mind and modifying your technique. Here are some tips to make transitioning between mediums easier.

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Tutorial Tuesday Topic: Flawless Polish Application

The idea behind this video is to show you the tricks to flawless polish application that rarely needs any cleanup.

Young Nails Nail School: Three Essential Nail Tips for Beginners

Young Nails' Greg Salo demonstrates three tips to help you increase your speed and stability during nail applications. Do you want to work smarter, not harder? Download our ebook about how to speed up your nail services. Download Our eBook

Young Nails Nail School: How to Polish With Perfection

Young Nails' Greg Salo shows how to polish nails perfectly.

Take an IBX Application Tip From Linda Nordstrom

Famous Names’ Linda Nordstrom has a great tip for applying IBX to nail biters’ nails or applying IBX Boost during a refill: She uses disposable micro applicators purchased on Amazon.

Gel II 4D Gel French Tip Application

Learn how to use Gel II's 4D Gel to create a French look. The new system allows you to take unlimited time to shape before curing to a strong, light, and durable finish, and removal is as easily as gel polish.

5 Steps to Faster Polish and Gel-Polish Application

You can improve your salon speed without cutting corners on the excellence of your service! Apply your polish and gel-polish more quickly and accurately with these simple tips.

How to Apply Christrio Q.Gloss Gel-Polish

Q.Gloss by Christrio requires no base coat, top coat, or cleansing after curing so you achieve beautiful nails in less time.

Artistic Colour Gloss: Color Application

See how to apply Artistic Nail Design's Colour Gloss.

How to Make a Swarovski Cluster on a Gel Nail

Elizabeth Morris shows how to add a Swarovski crystal cluster atop a gel nail.