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My Trip to ISSE Long Beach: Competitions, Classes, Exhibitors

I was fortunate enough to attend the three-day International Salon & Spa Expo (ISSE) held in Long Beach, Calif., January 26-28.

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Week 12: Ending the Semester

The first semester of nail school is now in the rear view mirror! I am now officially 50% done with my education to become a licensed nail technician.

Week 11: Almond Nails and the Creative Touch

We had two tests this week: 1) UV and LED Gels and 2) The Creative Touch.

Week 10: E-files and Gels

This week we had a test on electric filing. We also received a lecture on UV and LED gels during the week (overlays and extensions).

Week 8: Nail Camp

Student blogger Gregory Fletcher shares his Nail Camp experiences.

Week 7: First Nail Art and First Client

During week seven we began performing nail services on clients.

Week 6: Nail Chemistry, Electricity, and Organization

During week six, we learned about nail product chemistry and the basics of electricity.

Week 5: Manicures á Trois

During week five, we received another lecture on skin structure, growth, and nutrition and tests on pedicures and nail tips and wraps. A good portion of the week was focused on giving manicures.

Week 4: Pedicures, Skin Care, and More Acrylics

During week four, we had lectures on pedicures and on skin structure, growth, and nutrition.

Feeling Tired and Uninspired at the Salon? Here's How You Can Thrive

Thrive is a call-to-action response to overwhelming evidence of salon professional’s lack of self-care and wellness. Thrive is a response to higher rates of cancers, depression, dermatitis, carpal tunnel, muscle pain and misalignment among salon professionals.