Everyone wants to look good, and some will go to great lengths and costs to do so. A new survey by Advanced Dermatology of 1,003 people from around the U.S. looked into how much Americans spend on their appearance, along with what they spend the most on. The study found adults spend an average of $722 on their appearance each year. 

The survey discovered women spend a bit more ($877) than men do ($592) on their looks, spending the most money on hair products, followed by skincare, and shaving products in the last 12 months. Hair and skin remain a priority. 


When looking individually at women, the top three beauty investments are skincare, hair products, as well as haircuts and color. The top investments for men slightly differ. Haircuts top the list, followed by supplements/protein powders, and gym memberships. 


Here are some callouts: 

  • Nearly one in six spend more on beauty and wellness than they can afford. 
  • 34% want to receive beauty/wellness products during the holidays.
  • Three in five Americans say inflation impacts their decision whether or not to spend money on their appearance.

Take a look at the full survey 

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Originally posted on Modern Salon