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Majority Rules: A Reader Preference Poll

InStyle magazine asked readers hard-hitting questions about their mani/pedi service.

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The Darker Side of the Sun

With all this talk of bright polishes for summer, do we leave our darker lacquers shelved for the season?

Noticeably Needed Pedicures

Reader poll suggests that men do pay attention to the toes.

Do Your Customers Have a High Salon IQ?

Good Housekeeping asked its readers if they knew what to look for in a good salon.

Keep Neat Feet for Summer

InStyle says that pedicures are a summer-season must.

NAILS Readers' Choice Awards 2009

So what are your favorite products? We’ve tallied the votes and are happy to announce the winners of the 2009 NAILS Readers’ Choice Awards.

NAILS Readers' Choice Awards 2008

From Acrylics to Wraps — and everything in between — NAILS announces the winners of our fifth annual Readers’ Choice Awards.

Out of Mouths of Clients

Sometimes the things clients say are music to your ears; other times they can make you cringe. We asked nail techs to tell us their favorite, and least favorite, things to hear from clients.

When I first became a tech, I was shocked to learn ______________.

Surprise! It’s often said that school does little to prepare techs for the salon environment. And it’s not only the technical challenges that may come as a surprise to the newly minted nail tech.

On My Mind: Rules to Live By

Since January is your issue, written by you and for you, we asked nail technicians to give us their “rules to live by” in the salon. Here are 10 that we couldn’t agree with more!