Your clients deserve the best nail services that you can provide them. But there’s nothing worse as a nail tech than feeling like the products you use just don’t cut it. Like any other profession, you need high-quality tools to do your job.

One professional nail brand that is trusted by tons of nail technicians, including accomplished nail artist Esther Rezvani (@nails_byesther), is Gelish. Their line of products includes high-quality options for building, sculpting, strengthening and polishing nails of all kinds. See below to discover how Rezvani uses Gelish to create beautiful nails that last.

Protective Base

If you’re looking for a way to protect a client’s natural nails due to damage, thin nail beds, sensitivity, or against potential breakage, Gelish produces a Foundation Flex Rubber Base Gel for exactly those purposes. The gel comes in four natural colors to match your client’s skin tone. Two coats and a top coat, and your client is protected and on their way to healthier nails.

Soft Gel Tips

For your nail extension lovers, Gelish’s easy-to-use system of Soft Gel Tips. These flexible tips come in several shapes and lengths so that you can quickly customize your client’s luxury manicures to your heart’s content.

Strong Builders

Gelish’s collection of builder and hard gel polishes are made to keep your clients’ nails looking like they just left the salon, all the time. Add structure to the nail, create 3D effects, and add dimension to your art with these essential products.

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