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10 Things to Know About the VolcanoSpa 3-IN-1 Nail System

VolcanaSpa’s versatile new 3-IN-1 Nail System offers nail professionals a choice of gel, polish, and powder in a range of colors.

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Try Born Pretty’s 9-D Magnetic Cat Eye Gel-Polish for Vivid Designs

Quick-drying with any UV Light, Born Pretty’s 9-D Cat Eye Gel-Polish is easy to apply and soak off.

CND Brisa Liquid Paint

The thin liquid gel last three times longer than a regular french manicure.

Wildflowers Artist's Gel Paint Set

Wildflowers hyper-pigmented gel paints come in a sophisticated color palette for the true artist.

Vetro Tole White

This matte finish white gel is perfect for adding those final touches to your nail art.

What's The Difference? Clarifying Commonly Confused Nail Terms

You probably know the essential differences between the products and nails terms you use in the salon every day — like soft gel versus hard or LED light versus UV. But could you provide a clear explanation to a curious client? And what about those fuzzy terms that can mean different things to different people? Here's a terminology "cheat sheet" we hope will help keep us all on the same page.

Popcorn and Coke Nail Art with LeChat's Wendy Valenzuela

This design was inspired by this week's NTNA "Hand-in-Hand" challenge sponsored by LeChat! LeChat asked competitors to hand paint a pairing of two things or people that go together using Perfect Match Gel Polish only (no acrylic paint or lacquer allowed) on two actual hands.      

Summer Nail Art: Blended Bubbles

IBD educator Amanda Lenher shows how she creates colorful blended bubbles using IBD Just Gel Polish.

Nail Art Studio: Fairy Snow Globe

Michelle Won of Nail Swag demonstrates how to create this magical design.

Nail Art Studio: Seasonal Ikat

Create a design inspired by this Indonesian fabric.