Does being a nail tech keep you constantly busy? Obviously! If only your e-file could know what settings you need during your services—actually, it can. You can save time on every step of your nail services with Gelish’s newest, most portable, smartest e-file, the Go-File IQ.

Nail artist and Indie Pro Award Winner Tina Zavala (@popstar.nails) swears by the IQ, the most convenient e-file on the market. Having this powerful tool in her arsenal means she’s able to speed up her services in multiple ways, which means more money in her pocket and more time for her clients. Let’s look at some of the ways Zavala uses her Go-File IQ to save time.

Quick Nail Prep


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Your prep setting is only a button away, and you can program it to remember your preferred RPM, whether you’re prepping a natural nail from scratch or a nail with product already on it. Zavala always has her clients’ nails ready for new product application in no time.

Speedy Gel Tips


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If you thought soft gel tip services were already quick and easy, prepping the tips for application is even faster than ever before. Additionally, the IQ fits any universal drill bit and has a pause button, so you can switch out your bits in an instant and keep right on going.

Lightning-fast Removal


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Layers of product are no match for the IQ. This high-powered, high-tech machine goes up to 25,000 RPM and has True Torque technology built in, so your file will never get bogged down while filing through heavy product.

If you’re thinking about getting your hands on the newest e-file technology, the Gelish IQ will give you peace of mind with a 2-year warranty—something you won’t see elsewhere in the industry. This allows you to protect your investment worry-free.

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