It’s here—that time of the year when everyone wants to look their best. In the holiday craziness, don’t forget to step back and count your own blessings. Believe that there is enough to go around and being thankful breeds more things to be grateful for. Let go of any thought of being someone or somewhere else. Embrace the gift of hairdressing with gratitude and hope.

Thanksgiving Reflections: Seven Reasons to Say Thanks

Photo: / Magda Ehlers

Seven Reasons to Say Thanks

  1. Self-Expression: You walk into the salon and do your own thing. Few things compare with the freedom to show your true self and to express yourself through your personal style and image. Give thanks for your freedom to showcase who you are.
  2. Creativity and Artistry: Where did that last fabulous haircut come from? Give thanks for your ability to think out of the box and for your hands and the talents they hold. Be thankful for the joy in your heart in making others feel beautiful, for this is more precious than gold.
  3. Physical and Emotional Health: You can stretch apply another foil, snip another strand for hours. You can politely listen to client chatter all day. Give thanks for this—for your stamina, mental strength, and patience to be a kind ear to client stories and challenges.
  4. Client Relationships: Be grateful for your ability to form strong bonds with a diverse clientele. These loyal connections are your repeat business, referrals, and promoters. You are like a family member to some. For this deep connection, be very grateful.
  5. For Your Economic Prosperity: Give thanks for the income from the skills you’ve worked hard to develop, allowing you to attract clients with diverse needs, making each day different, and for this, be thankful.
  6. Work Environment: Give thanks for your salon environment, co-workers, and the flexibility to choose your hours and work settings. This flexibility allows you to maintain a work-life balance that suits your lifestyle. For this, be thankful.
  7. The Demand for Hair Services: Be grateful that clients keep walking in the door and the demand for hairdressing services remains steady, providing you with work and economic security.

The holiday rush is a perfect time to practice work and life balance. Don’t work yourself into such exhaustion that there’s nothing left of you to share with loved ones who stand by you all year long. Slow down; you have enough. Happy Thanksgiving.

Carlos Valenzuela is a bilingual writer and former global beauty educator with a master's in international business. His work on positivity and success appears in Modern Salon and on his blog, He's the award-winning author of Letters to Young Carlos and its sequel,   Camaleón, The Lost Years Living in the Closet.

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Originally posted on Modern Salon