Blueprint of a First Year

Newspaper Ads and Other Promotions

by NAILS Magazine | November 11, 2010

We've been tracking our advertising results since we opened — and the results have been rather surprising in a way.


Years ago with my first nail salon I tried every form of print advertisement and nothing seemed to work. So when I decided to open Tickled Pink I was dead-set against any sort of newspaper ad. But I broke down and ran a grand opening ad anyway. Then The Clayton News-Star ran a story about Tickled Pink because we are a unique local nail salon. We have had so many calls and new clients coming in from that one grand opening ad that ran three weeks ago.


So now I’m rethinking my methods of advertising and have decided to go with more newspaper ads in the News-Star. We will be expanding our advertising into a couple of other newspapers that are in adjacent towns as well.


The one thing that didn't surprise me is the response we get from networking groups. This has always been a successful means of promotion and remains the best return for our money spent. But we wanted to reach a larger target audience than what we were reaching with the networking groups. We will continue to work the networking groups but will be adding other avenues as well.


With the holidays approaching, we are also cross-marketing with a couple of other businesses in the area. We will be sharing the expense of custom-wrapped Belgian chocolate bars that will be given out as part of the holiday client gift to the client base of Tickled Pink and these other businesses. The front wrapper will have the partner business logo and message, and the back wrapper will include the Tickled Pink logo and message. We will be using my chocolate company, The Chocolate Works & More, for the candy bars.


The child-centric events also continue. We have had an awesome response to these events with lots of moms coming in not only for their own services but booking Princess Spa Parties well in advance. We have also had several men calling the salon to get in for pedicures, regardless of all the PINK. 


—Melodie, Tickled Pink Salon & Nail Spa, Clayton, N.C.

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