True Blood SpaManicure

by Holly Schippers | June 9, 2011

Remember back when we talked about creating custom services? Just mixing and matching things in the product line that you already use to make something fun and interesting for the regulars or to help attract newcomers. Do you notice that manufacturers partner with people or things for recognition to get extra attention? CND has partnered with a fashion designer, OPI likes to pair up with celebrities and movies, and so on. Why can’t we as salons do this? Naturally we don’t have the budget to bring on a major player and have them endorse our salon, but why can’t we create a custom service to pay tribute to something we enjoy? A favorite summer show, a movie coming out, a favorite summer fruit, or an actress/actor doing really well in the public spotlight. To get your mind going and give you an idea, here is my spin on a lush summer service that pays tribute to a summer HBO show True Blood. If you are into it chances are your clients love it too, and what a fun way to feel like part of the experience!

Click here to go to the complete step-by-step.

— Holly


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