Don't Make Me Blush

by Holly Schippers | July 1, 2011

Do you recall that I am an Education Ambassador for CND? I know I never mention them so it isn’t obvious or anything. LOL. Recently an amazing honor was bestowed on me and I wondered if you would humor me again this week? Only this time it’s on a happier note as there are a lot of people I would like to thank now that it has sunk in and I’m not scatterbrained and tongue-tied like I was in the moment. For those that are wondering what I’m talking about to begin with, CND has named me North American Education Ambassador of the Year for 2010.

The thanking must begin with my cousin who was looking for someone to go to school and learn to do nails to work in her salon. I thought, “How hard could polishing nails really be?” and jumped at the chance to do something different.

This leads me to thank Linda my nail instructor at school who was so kind and patient even though I did some monstrously hideous nails and struggled with the enhancements even past graduation. Who knew nails were hard to do?! Linda also introduced me to NAILS Magazine, which instantly felt like a friend and companion and my love for the magazine and the people behind it grows each year.

That's me with Jan (left), Danielle, and John from CND after I won the
North American Education Ambassador of the Year for 2010.

My first Creative class was taught by Alicia who knew her stuff, made me feel welcome in the class, and answered all my questions, making me feel all warm and fuzzy about nails. Linda and Alicia are the type of teachers that I decided to strive toward being once I realized education was my path. At that event I also met Crystal and Tracy who seemed to have that same inner passion about nails that Alicia did and I wanted it! 

Next are Debbie of and Sam of both of whom created amazing online learning opportunities accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. I spent hours upon hours reading and posting, learning more and more about nails, business, and salon life. The person that inspired me to help others online was Nikki. She patiently answered question after question about Creative products, procedures, and becoming an educator. I wanted to pay that passion forward in some way, some day.  

After lots of classes and some years in the salon figuring things out Tracy C gave me the chance to work in the Creative booth in Council Bluffs, Iowa, as a Grand Master, which was my first step toward becoming an Education Ambassador. I will always be grateful to her for sending me to boot camp and to those that put a voice in for me as a candidate.

Thank you Kris for the one-on-one time where you helped me “see” the things I could not grasp and train my hands to correct what my eyes found. Over the years there have been so many people that helped me, believed in me, and nurtured me into the facilitator that I have become. These people mean a great deal to me and I so appreciate their vision, passion, and friendship. I hope they all know who they are and accept my deepest gratitude.

Thank you husband and kids! I cannot even find adequate words to describe how much I appreciate the freedom to follow my passion, the support that you give me in doing so, the putting up with a living room full of nail stuff, phone calls that sound like alien chatter and the appearance that my BlackBerry is an appendage. I love you all very much and am so thankful for your patience and understanding over the years. I know without my husband, I would never have been able to achieve this — he is THE man!

Thank you nail professionals, for attending my classes, hanging out with me on Facebook, and giving me more reasons every day to continue to strive toward being the best I can be and opening your minds to the best you could be. This industry has a special place in my heart, as does every nail professional out there. This has been a hard road with lots of stumbling blocks and if I can achieve more than I ever dreamed, then I have no doubt you can too. Never stop setting the bar for yourself higher and reaching for it with creativity, passion, and determination!

— Holly

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