The Beauty of Prom Nails

by Holly Schippers | May 9, 2012

Does the word prom make you tingle with anticipation or dread? I don’t think there is much middle ground — techs either love it or dread it, the same as stylists. How do you personally feel about prom? I anticipate it every year and even worked one prom appointment into my schedule on a cherished day off this year.

In my mind the anticipation of a challenge every appointment to either match or accessorize the dress is exciting and an unknown challenge in some ways. What will the nails they come in with look like, what is their past experience, what do they think they want and what do they actually dream of, how do I meet or exceed their dreams, the list goes on. How do you feel about prom nails now that you are knee deep in appointments, just finished with them, or looking forward (maybe) to seeing them on your books?

What are the prom trends in your area? Glitter, foil, and gems have been the thing to do here. All have looked amazing whether they went with Shellac to improve the look of their natural nail or customized Dashing Diva for instant length with designs done to complement their dress. Here are some things I did for prom this year, what are some styles you did or are planning to do?

— Holly

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