Nail Art Inspired by Stained Glass

by Holly Schippers | May 29, 2012

Hopefully at this point of having heard me say look at things through your nail eyes you understand what I mean. How is the translation of what you see going from your imagination to the nails you are doing? Here is a quick example of three different looks inspired from one thing.

The inspiration is a stained glass window. This is easy enough as most of us have seen stained glass in some way shape or form at some point in our lives.

All three designs are done on Black Pool Shellac using transfer foil cut into small squares to create the look.

The first look is done on toes with the foil applied into the sticky layer after curing, then glitter rubbed into any spaces left behind after the foil application.

The second look is done by applying the foil squares to the nails with quite a bit of space so that the black is visible and really helps the color pop. (You will want to do two coats of black for this one and only one is needed for the other two.)

The final look is created by slightly overlapping the squares or putting them right up against each other.

As you can see each look is a bit different, but all can be traced back to that one inspiration. So now that you are learning to see things with your nail eyes, remember to keep the lid off the box so that it is easier for you to step out of it!

— Holly

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