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Week 10: Missed Blog and Winding Down

by NAILS Magazine | July 18, 2012

So sorry to miss last week’s blog everyone! With the 4th taking out two days of our class time that week and then getting a new computer that I had zero clue how to use, I missed posting a blog. Then on top of that I missed a day and a half last week due to being sick. I never miss class or show up late so it really bugged me, especially as I had to leave in the middle of a very interesting procedure I will probably not see again until I am working — rings of fire and two fills where the product was lifting at the cuticle and the fill line from the previous fill. The parts in between were still attached. I didn't know that could happen. 

So now on to week 10 — I have my last normal test tomorrow and then in three weeks I take my final test and do my final client for licensing. The set I will have to do is three nails sculpted with a tip, three nails overlay with a tip, three wraps with a tip and one nail of pink and white. I am terrified, to say the least! My biggest issues right now are making uniform sets of pink-and-whites. It is by far harder to me than the advanced art work I am trying to learn. And being a perfectionist who only wants to put out the best I can, it really bothers me when they are not perfect.

With just three weeks left we are steadily working on our number of services we need. I still have 4 pedicures, 8 fills, and 5 or 6 overlays with tips, but I am completely done with my sculpts. I am having such a love affair with nail forms. I am also doing a pretty good job of blending tips but it just seems to take forever to get that perfectly blended look. And even though I may grumble a bit right now, is there anything more beautiful than a completely natural-looking acrylic or gel nail? Sure, pink-and-whites in themselves seem to be an art form, but I did a set of blended tips with a very faint pink overlay and they blew my mind they looked so natural. 

On a side note, i you remember back to the beginning you know I am not a girly girl in the slightest. Well, one of my classmates is in cosmetology and needs a “victim” for her finals this week. So this Tuesday she has the daunting task of turning me into a girl. I get a styled cut, dye job, eyebrow waxing, and she will be applying makeup and teaching me how to do it myself. Pretty awesome in itself, then take into account I will soon be looking for a salon to work with so that is just great timing. 

Included is a photo of a set of pink and whites that I did. They are not perfect yet but I do vow to get there!

Have a great week nail lovers. I am off to study!

— Mary

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