Question About Pedicure Chair (and Don't Forget to Vote!)

by Holly Schippers | August 22, 2012

I love the annual NAILS Magazine Readers Choice awards because it gives me the chance to not only vote for my favorite products but to see what other techs love as well. I refer back to the winners list on occasion when curious about products as I feel if they were voted on by enough techs to win or place in the top five that there must be something to them. We are all busy people, but I hope you find time in your schedule to vote for your favorite products and tools so that the results represent as many of us as possible! Click here to vote!

Along those lines I’m curious about your opinion on simple pedicure chairs. I have a very small salon space and need to step up my game now that I’ve decided to become a permanent resident of the salon. I’m considering the Indulgence Chair by Belava, as it is simple and could fit in my corner. It looks as though I could turn the chair itself and use it for manicures as well so as to make the most of the space it will take. My Buff & Go serves as my manicure table so moving it around is not an issue. Do any of you have this chair or are there other options out there that are similar? I am interested in a quality option that will accommodate all shapes and sizes without the hassle of a tub. Thanks in advance for the advice!

— Holly

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