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Week 5: Feeling Inspired

by NAILS Magazine | October 2, 2012

Last week one of the girls in my class graduated. She was awesome and my go-to person. If I had a question, she was the person I asked. I drilled her on gels, 3D art and acrylics. I asked her about her favorite products, favorite designs, secret tricks. I will miss having her in my class but on the other hand I found out she’s my neighbor and lives on my street — so I told her I will be around to bug her. (Small world, right?) On the bright side, I have her station now and I feel inspired. She was an inspiration and I know she will go far in this industry. She is truly a professional.

I did a second set of gels on a friend of mine. Her nails are growing so quickly and looking so good. It’s helpful for me to see the outcomes of my service. I want to see how it holds up and how my client feels about it. She loves it and she is so happy with the gel. She has her hands in water constantly and she said she was amazed by the wear of it. That was very good to hear.

I had a chance to do a backfill on my daughter. I changed the pink too when I did the backfill. I also put on some cute little nail art. (Another trick I learned from my friend who graduated.)

This has been a better week at school — the vibe was better and we got a new girl too. She is already working in a salon as an esthetician, but she is interested in nails. She’s in my old seat, so I am right behind her and I will try to help her navigate as much as possible.

Every day is so fun and exciting. Mondays are “friends and family” day for us so my friend Melanie came in and got a manicure and spa pedi. I also did a spa pedi for her mother-in-law. I think I am getting the hang of it all. I am getting my routine down and feeling very comfortable.

I just can’t wait to get through school and learn so much so I can get out there in the working force. It’s so exciting to me!

Any feedback on my photos, please feel free to comment — I like to hear the feedback. Have a great week and I will check in with you next week!

— Nikki

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