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Week Three: Going the Extra Mile

by Harriet Gibson | July 21, 2014

This week I have been doing some extra training aside from nails.  Here in the U.K., it’s expected that nail salons provide beauty and tanning services too. You’ve got to be a triple threat! So I attended a special course on semi-permanent lash extensions. I cannot begin to describe how technical and precise you have to be when applying lashes strand-for-strand. My trainer Louise was great, though, and I’m delighted with the results on my fellow student Roisin (pronounced “Row-sheen”). A few of the tutors had trouble pronouncing her Irish name.

Back to nails: I’m having a far better week with clients. It’s starting to dawn on me that you really have to go the extra mile to snag them and turn them into your soon-to-be regulars. This week I’ve stayed late into the evening and come in on the weekends to meet their needs, and I hope that in turn I’ll get to keep a hold of them!

One lady brought in a photo she’d found online; she wanted those exact nails for her wedding and we spent two hours perfecting them.  Another was so happy with her nails that she brought her two adorable daughters in a few days later to have nails done just like Mummy.

This week is a big deal, as I’m going to do my first full set of acrylics…on my trainer! No pressure there! She does the MOST beautiful nails so I will be glad of the feedback. Wish me luck, and I really best get practicing. 

Until next week!

— Harriet

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