FingerNail Fixer Kicks Off 12 Days of Quick Tips

by Holly Schippers | December 9, 2015

As we are all CRAZY busy with holiday planning, shopping, and clients, it occurs to me that some quick, helpful blogs may be in order! How about 12 Days of Quick Tips? Some days I may have a little more for you than that, but know that each weekday for the next 12 days I will at least be one new tip for you to hopefully help make life a little easier and give you a boost to make it through the seasonal madness.

Day 1

I know that a bathroom break seems like an impossible waste of time; however, dehydration can make you sore and tired. Those are two things we definitely do not need help with! Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. And if you’re feeling like splurging, Smartwater with its electrolytes would be even better! 

For more health-related tips, make sure you visit NAILS Magazine's Health section here.

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