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Week 8: Changes

by A'Kia Warrior | March 17, 2016

Life wouldn’t be what it is without change, right? I learn a lot about myself when change happens. This week, I had to say farewell to my program instructor. When I connect with individuals who have knowledge that can elevate me personally and professionally, I find those to be some of the best relationships that I have.  I trust that the school is going to find someone just as knowledgeable to fill the role, but it doesn’t change the fact that she will be missed. In learning of her departure, I found myself trying to latch on to as much knowledge of the industry and technique from her as I could. It was a good week, but I think it sent my brain into overload. I know I was cramming it in, but it was well worth it.

Another highlight of my week was learning about builder gel and how to apply it. We completed an overlay set, a pink and white set, and even did a little art with glitter. I like builder gel because it doesn’t carry an odor and it is so flexible due to it not setting until it’s cured.  It has me seriously considering how I’ll use it in the operation of my business upon becoming licensed. I plan to learn as much as I can about builder gel so that I can make an informed decision and educate my future clients on it.

In theory this week, we talked about nail structure and growth. I found it to be extremely helpful in learning what to look for in a healthy nail and how to keep my clients informed. Knowing the anatomy of the nail helps me understand why certain processes are the way that they are when it comes to safely performing a service. I want to be a major promoter of healthy nails, so information such as this is important for me to learn. I want to discuss with clients why I do what I do, or even why there are times I may have to turn down a service. I want clients to know that the health of their nails is what is most important to me.  I have even found that sharing what knowledge I have obtained so far has helped my friends and family be more observant when they go to a salon to have services performed on them.

It was a fairly shorter week for me due to personal travel on Saturday, but now I am left with making up those 7.5 hours — along with my full-time job! I’m not stressing though, because it’s all worth the end result…I will come out doing something exciting, fun, and full of possibilities!

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