Why Nail Techs Should Mind Their Manners on Live Stream Apps

by Holly Schippers | July 6, 2016

Now it seems that more and more people are gravitating from podcasts or audio posts about nails to live video feeds. While this seems exciting in that it can unite us all globally and ideally make education more accessible, it also poses the risk of adding to our image as unprofessional.

Foul language, inappropriate clothing, and emotionally charged rants are just a few of the examples. Everything in life takes a bit of a learning curve so these are obstacles that can easily be overcome. This is merely a precautionary plea to those of you thinking about becoming live video mavens whether via Periscope, Facebook Live, or something similar, to consider that the things you say and do reflect on our industry as a whole and we would like to be seen as professionals! What are some of your favorite live broadcasts to watch?

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