Teaching Students the Power of Social Media

by Holly Schippers | August 15, 2016

Ever wonder what it would be like to step out of your nail industry box and add something new and different to your resume? Adding retail to mine earlier this year was a lot of work for very little return; however, it gave me some valuable knowledge that will benefit my job in the nail industry and definitely make me a more thoughtful consumer.

You may know that I like to work at social media now and then. Mostly to the benefit of nail professionals; however, the power of social media is not limited to our industry. Therefore, when asked to give a presentation on social media at a college in Dallas, Texas while passing through, I jumped at the chance!

The class was titled, “Introduction to Communications” and the professor was my former boss, Joby Leahy. It was exciting to see him in his element and doing what he loves. While the industry was an interesting life side note, his passion lay in teaching. The class seemed interested in knowing that someone living on a farm in Iowa, doing nails in a small salon, could become globally known and be knowledgeable on the power of social media. I hope it inspired them to dream big at whatever path they choose, knowing that the only limitation most of us face is ourselves!

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