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by Holly Schippers | September 12, 2016 | Bookmark +

I got some great feedback on working toward improving social media following and building numbers on Instagram that were useful and not just a random purchase.  Let’s try this social media challenge together and see if it gets the word out about quality salons, proper verbiage, and why there is a difference in price and service!

If we all pick a day and start together, ideally it should be more effective. Shall we aim for Sunday, September 18? That gives the info time to get around a bit and everyone a chance to put some thought into what they would like to post. If you read this blog after the start date, feel free to have a go at it anyway, the hashtags will continue to be searchable!

Sunday, September 18 

The first thing branding expert Jasmine (@JasmineStar) encouraged #Insta180 followers to do is introduce themselves. I am going to use her adlib version with salon-style verbiage to help you encourage followers as a salon professional. You should change any or all of the wording to suit your style, this gives you a foundation if needed.


I’ve been using Instagram for a while, but it’s time to make a friendly introduction because I want to know you better and give insight into my salon and services. Most clients describe me as a __________ (adjective) and _____________ (adjective) nail tech/hair stylist/etc., and my friends agree, but they might also say I can be ___________ (adjective) sometimes too! I’m passionate about _____________________ (description of what you do [e.g. cleanliness, safety, service type, etc.]) because it allows me to ___________. Most weekends you’ll find me _____________ (list an activity) and ____________ (list an activity), and on special days I might indulge in ______________ (list a quasi-vice [e.g. chocolate ice cream, reality TV, sudoku]). I look forward to getting to know you more, so leave a comment and introduce yourself. It’d make my day!  #Insta180 #beautyprofessional #FNFfreaks #yourpersonalhashtaghere #yourfavbrand

Resist the urge to throw in the salon hours or phone number. This is an introduction, not an infomercial! Change the next to last hashtag to be your own and the last to be your favorite brand. A hashtag is a custom search and you can be found through that. Let’s say a nail tech in the U.K. is looking for a nail tech in Florida, she can find you by typing in those hashtags! Resist adding a long additional pile of hashtags, it is annoying, these are plenty! ;)

The last part of this Instassignment is the following:

-Like three photos on Instagram (perhaps from people doing the challenge!) ;)

-Leave a comment on three different accounts.

Monday, September 19

Today’s post is a photo of your workspace. Ideally a real time (not posed) photo of you working in your space! Use the same hashtags and follow Jasmine’s caption advice below.

Simply write the caption by answering the following questions:

-When do you work best? [e.g. I work best in the morning]

-What is necessary to get your work done? [e.g. I need my favorite ____ and some _____]

-What is the best thing about your workspace? [e.g. The best thing about my workspace is the view, the conversation, etc.]

#Insta180 #beautyprofessional #FNFfreaks #yourpersonalhashtaghere #yourfavbrand

Tuesday, September 20

Today’s post should be a photo of your favorite drink or meal. Some of the most popular photos on Instagram are food related, so it’ll be worth the time if you do it right!

When you’re ready to post today’s photo, simply think of two reasons why you love the drink/meal…and ask your followers what their favorite drink is/if they have a recommendation/if they have resources for recipes/etc. The goal for this post is to include your followers in your post by sharing your love for a thing that binds humankind: food.  Interaction is a very important part of social media! Remember to use the same list of hashtags each day.

#Insta180 #beautyprofessional #FNFfreaks #yourpersonalhashtaghere #yourfavfoodordrinkcompany

Wednesdaym, September 21

A lot of us by nature are workaholics! We start out with intentions of the “freedom” of being our own boss and cave to the desire of our clients, filling in free time with people that just couldn’t wait or forgot to prebook, the reasons are endless. It is ok to admit that we are allowed to relax a bit now and then.  

Today you should post a photo of a place you relax (a hammock, the beach, a lawn chair) or what you do to relax (practice yoga, read a book, get a pedicure), and write a caption explaining what makes it special.

If you’re having a hard time, simply fill in the blanks that Jasmine put together and share today…

In a world where “busy-ness” is valued more than presence, today I’m posting a photo of how I relax. I enjoy ______________ (list relaxation activity) because it makes me feel ________________ (adjective). Today I wish you a moment of peace and contentment too.

#Insta180 #beautyprofessional #FNFfreaks #yourpersonalhashtaghere #yourrelaxingactivity

Whew ! This has been a lot to take in! How about if we finish up the list tomorrow and start getting ready for next weeks posts! Click here for the second half of the Instagram challange. 


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