Nail enhancements are always popular, but many clients are the all-natural type. They’re concerned about their health and want to avoid the harsh chemicals found in many nail products. Although they might reluctantly request acrylic enhancements for a special event, they are concerned about odors and potential allergens. These clients usually prefer simpler nail styles and may avoid enhancements because of their health concerns. However, they still like having beautiful nails! There are several ways you can help them gain an appreciation for and try out gel services.

Offer Healthier Products
Modern products have eliminated many of the harmful chemicals associated with nail products in the past. For example, some newer products have eliminated HEMA, a chemical that can cause allergies to develop in both clients and nail techs. Clients are frequently concerned by the strong odor and airborne dust created by acrylics, or by the heat spikes they may have experienced if they’ve tried gels. It’s a great idea to offer them options that don’t have those issues. 4D Gel from Gel II is formulated without HEMA, making it safer for both the client and the nail tech. It’s odor-free, lacks the airborne dust of acrylics, and does not cause heat spikes.

Repair Broken Nails
Many natural nail clients are proud of their ability to grow long, strong natural nails. This makes it even more painful when one breaks! Being able to build a nail to repair or match the broken nail to the natural nails is a plus for these clients. They may be more willing to try this with a gentler product such as 4D Gel. And it's not just for fingernails: Because it doesn’t move or self-level when applied, 4D Gel can be used to repair or recreate damaged or missing toenails. This is a great option to offer clients in need of toenail or fingernail repairs.

Offer Color Options
Natural nail clients often prefer simpler nail styles, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want color! Providing a variety of color options is a great way to interest them in new products. While many enhancement products require an additional layer of polish or gel-polish to add color, 4D Gel is available in 18 colors, giving your clients lots of options. The gel can even be mixed to create new colors!

Just because the all-natural nail client prefers to avoid harmful chemicals doesn’t mean she has to avoid nail enhancements, too. Healthier products will allow both the client and the nail tech to avoid allergenic chemicals and excessive dust and odor, and the client will still get those long, beautiful nails she wants. Nail techs can offer these healthy alternatives to clients who want longer nails for a special occasion, to repair broken nails, or just as a fun new service to try.

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