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Social media. It’s always refreshing to see how a single product can be used in different mediums because everyone has different perspectives. Also, being in a salon with so much versatility helps us inspire each other! 
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I go online and look at what is trending in celebrity fashion or music album covers — anything I can use to find inspiration for designs and patterns that would look great on a nail. That is how I chose the name Popstar Nails, because I get inspiration from the stars and what’s trending in pop culture.
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Glitter! Once I start mixing glitters I get out of control and can’t wait to use my new mixes on my next clients!
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Searching images. I’ll just think of a subject like “lines” and google it and see what comes up in the images.
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Turning on some good music, then creating new nail samples for my nail art menu.
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Instagram! Seeing fellow nail techs’ amazing pictures makes us want to strive to be as good as them....we end up practicing and then taking pictures of the nails we did and posting them ourselves. When you know you’re showing pictures of your work to the public on a platform such as Instagram, it really makes you concentrate on creating 10 perfect little nails or a picture-perfect set of lashes. That inspires us all over again to keep on being creative and to keep going!
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